Adventures in Business

By Dave Moss and Angie Nelson

Try explaining to a budding photographer that the bug that bit them isn’t actually going to be what makes them money. Sure, we all started with that same proverbial bug and that same proverbial desire to make a career out of the thing we love. But, one of the elements of the adage is a little misleading. Photography is an amazingly rewarding career. The career part requires stepping outside of your creative brain and diving head-first into spreadsheets, marketing programs, customer retention processes, website design, sales, contracts, etc., etc., etc. Sound like fun? We didn’t think so either. 

Having both run successful photography businesses, we obviously gained a lot of valuable knowledge along the way. We saw that there was a dire need for an educational model within the photography industry that covers everything required for a profitable foundation. That’s how our new course, All Method, No Maddess, came to be. It’s an adventure ride through every facet of building, expanding, and maintaining a successful, profitable photography business, and then some. 

As we launch the course this week, we want to share some of the amazing takeaways you’ll get when enrolled. 


Numbers & Pricing 


How many times at the beginning of your career did you wish you had a built-in business manager? Well, you do: YOU. With some very savvy advice on how to crunch your numbers, you’ll nail a pricing model that is directly connected to your actual lifestyle model. Yeah for real! 


Branding & Killer Websites

We have spent A LOT of time critiquing photography websites and helping people make them sing. (And no, not in an auto-on muzac kind of a way, ick.) There are many key factors that go into your brand identity that will help you get noticed by the right clients. Knowing who they are in the first place is key. 


Methodical Marketing

Huh? Yup. Marketing is about strategy. Having a plan, executing the plan, tweaking the plan, trashing the plan, starting a new plan. All part of a marketing methodology that will get your business in front of the right eyes. 


Client Experience 

The not-so big secret to getting clients is wowing the hell out of them. White glove service looks different to everyone. But, think of the last time you got really amazing service from a store or brand you love? That experience is a massive part of why you keep going back. Your customers will, too. 

We love what we do. We also love the lives we have been able to build because of having our businesses work for us. It is a true honour to get to help others create successful businesses out of something they absolutely love to do.

Join us!


The Adventure of a Lifetime